13.02.2024 | 15:00 Uhr | Museum am Löwentor

Scientific Colloquium: More than a greenhouse gas – CO2 and its effect on global vegetation (as far as is known)

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Grafik Menge Atmosphärisches CO2 über den Verlauf mehrerer Millionen Jahre

Besides its effects on climate, CO2 is also the substrate for photosynthesis and therefore the raw material for primary productivity. Atmospheric CO2 levels varied strongly in the past, and studying CO2 effects on plants is therefore essential for predicting future environmental scenarios as well as for simulating ecosystems of the past. Additionally, plant trait responses to CO2 are used as CO2 proxies. In this contribution, an overview of recent research and open questions with respect to these topics will be provided.

Di, 13.02. 15 Uhr Museum am Löwentor und Online (via Zoom), PD Dr. Anita Roth-Nebelsick, Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart

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Bild: A. Roth-Nebelsick