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Here you can find our current research: brand-new information from botany, entomology, paleontology and zoology. The latest research results are briefly presented here and provide an insight into our work as a research museum. Information about our main research topics can be found on the pages of the respective research departments.


Wing origami - Wing characteristic of primitive insects unraveled

Green Drake Mayfly (Ephemera danica), Copyright: SMNS, A. Staniczek

Short-lived and yet older than you might think: mayflies are a rather primeval group of insects and display some characteristics and traits that more "modern" insects no longer possess. These include their primitive body structure. In contrast to many other flying insects, such as flies or mosquitoes, their wings still have a corrugated structure with rigid longitudinal veins.

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Show us your teeth! News about the top predators of the Jurassic Sea

Temnodontosaurus Sammlung SMNS, Bild: SMNS, M.Rech

Ichthyosaurs are among the most important representatives of extinct marine reptiles. However, despite much research, many questions about their way of life remain unanswered. For example: How did they feed? A new study of the teeth of several species from the genus Temnodontosaurus sheds new light on the diets of these predators.

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