Museum Am Löwentor     Museum Schloss Rosenstein

Modern architecture meets fossils: 3500 square metres of exhibition space, a ceiling up to 14 metres high, and no dividing walls. The Museum am Löwentor was purpose-built to accommodate the internationally significant fossil collection, and opened its doors in 1985.

Here you can.....

  • travel back in time through hundreds of millions of years without leaving Southwestern Germany
  • marvel at fascinating and unique original fossils and compare them to scientifically accurate reconstructions of animals, plants and environments
  • realise that dinosaurs have survived to the present day as birds
  • learn about the famous Steinheim skull, 300 000 years old and one of the oldest human fossil finds in Central Europe
  • step into the famous amber room and into the tiny worlds encapsulated within – be amazed at the breathtakingly beautiful preservation of insects and other small animals embedded in amber
  • …and much more!