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Museum am Löwentor

Modernity encounters fossils: 3500 square metres of exhibition space, up to 14 metres high, but with no partitions. The Museum am Löwentor, which is also interesting from an architectural perspective, was built for the internationally important collection of fossils and opened in 1985.

Here, you can …

  • travel back through hundreds of millions of years, without leaving south-west Germany.
  • admire fascinating and unique original fossils and compare them with scientifically accurate reconstructions of animals, plants and habitats.
  • understand that the dinosaurs have survived to this day as birds.
  • become acquainted with the famous Steinheimer Schädel, at 300,000 years old one of the oldest fossil human finds in central Europe.
  • enter the world of tiny creatures in the famous amber cabinet – insects and other small animals breathtakingly well preserved.
  • and much more!


Guided Tours

Museum am Löwentor