Säulenhalle Museum Schloss Rosenstein

Integrated into Rosenstein Park, the neo-classical Schloss Rosenstein, built by Giovanni Salucci between 1824 and 1830, is regarded as one of the most beautiful event locations in the Stuttgart region. Welcome your guests in the sophisticated atmosphere of its prestigious columned hall and enjoy the unique glamour of the unusual between whale, elephant, dolphin, and crocodile.

Premises in Schloss Rosenstein can be rented after the regular museum opening hours from 5 pm on weekdays and 6 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.


Columned hall

An area of 280 m², capable of accommodating up to 199 people and up to 150 people for a seated dinner. Lectern, screen, 170 padded conference chairs, and 10 bar tables are available.












Africa-Lounge im Schloss Rosenstein 

Geeignet für Feste und Feierlichkeiten mit bis zu 40 Personen.

Lounge-Atmosphäre mit Bubble-Chairs, Teppichen, in unterschiedlichen Farben beleuchtbarer Afrika-Wand und integrierter Theke.

Mit Blick auf den Afrikanischen Elefanten, Nashorn und Giraffe!

Kaffeeautomat (Kaffee und Tee kostenpflichtig) und Wasserspender runden die Grundausstattung ab.

Fläche ca. 70 m².


Elephant hall

Standing reception for up to 80 people, seated diner for up to 50 people.






Whale hall

SStanding reception for up to 100 people, seated diner for up to 70 people.


No restrictions on your catering choices