Exploring, experiencing, and understanding nature in the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History

In order to achieve our mandate of becoming a world-class natural history museum and research facility, we are in search of sponsors. We invite you to support our activities.

Sponsors are not regarded as mere financiers, but rather as partners who can relate to our ideas and objectives. Furthermore, they are important communicators, helping connect the museum to the surrounding community.

We need sponsors in order to conduct publicity projects that help us to raise awareness among the general public.In turn, our projects offer the ideal platform for sponsors to communicate with their customers, staff members, or business partners. With more than 200 000 visitors per year, we are one of Baden-Württemberg’s most popular museums.

We understand our museum is a place for experience-driven learning; a place to make natural science comprehensible and a place to promote environmental awareness and education. Moreover, the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History is also a centre of scientific research. Research results produced here have impact on political decisions, specifically concerning species and nature conservation. Our comprehensive collections, unique in both size and composition, constitute the foundation of the research conducted at the museum.

Are you interested? Please contact Tobias Wilhelm at +40 711 89 36 104. We will be glad to arrange a personal meeting and to discuss possibilities.