Dr. Tobias Frenzel

Profilbild Tobias Frenzel

Postdoc in the Junior Research Group "Insect Decline"


+49 (0) 711 / 8936-243
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Research interest

In the context of insect decline, I study arthropod diversity in agricultural areas, with main focus on grassland areas. I am interested in the effects that different management techniques have on insects and spiders, to assess and promote conservation strategies that may slow down the loss of species in agricultural landscapes.



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  • Frenzel, T., Wörsdörfer, A., Khedhiri, S., Di Giulio, M., Leus, F., Lipperts, M. J., Martin, D., & Fischer, K. (2021). Grassland fallows as key for successful insect conservation. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 14(6), 837-850.

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