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Here you can find our current research: brand-new information from botany, entomology, paleontology and zoology. The latest research results are briefly presented here and provide an insight into our work as a research museum. Information about our main research topics can be found on the pages of the respective research departments.


All inside the head? Scans of skulls question theories on the evolution of mammalian „warm-bloodedness“

An international team led by Dr Quentin Martinez from the Natural History Museum Stuttgart created 3D-scans of the skulls of more than 300 mammalian species in a new study to research the origins of „warm-bloodedness“ in mammals. A project for which Dr Martinez almost literally offered up his own head.

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Death by ammonite: Early Jurassic fish choked to death on an ammonite shell!

A new research paper by Samuel Cooper and Dr Erin Maxwell from the Natural History Museum Stuttgart, describes a unique fossilised specimen of the bony fish Pachycormus macropterus from the Early Jurassic of Germany which choked to death whilst trying to swallow an empty ammonite shell. The paleontologists found conclusive evidence that the shell is contained inside of the fish’s gut, thereby confirming this unique and expected predator-prey relationship.

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