Frau an Computer von Rasterelektronenmikroskop

Technical Infrastructure

Our lab

Numerous specifically equipped laboratories, workshops, and preparation facilities form an important prerequisite for conserving the existing collections and supporting scientific research.

  • Laboratories: facilities available for sieving, acid etching, grinding, rock-cutting, and preparation with air abrasives, as well as an amber lab, hydrofluoric acid lab, and histology lab
  • Modern molecular lab with seven workstation: modern robotics for automated DNA / RNA extraction and amplification
  • Micro-CT: Station with the most advanced desktop model Bruker Skyscan 1272 including rapid control and reconstruction computer
  • Microscopy laboratories with, e.g., SEM (Evo LS 15 (Zeiss)), Digital Microscope (VHX-500D (Keyence)), Leica automated microscope system, interference contrast microscope
  • Specialized scanners for high-resolution scanning of insect cases and from herbarium sheets for effective digitization of collections
  • Ultra low temperature freezers (-85 ° C) for biological tissue collection for molecular studies
  • Nitrogen chamber (12 m³) to quarantine non-toxic biological material
  • Computer-controlled degreasing
  • Large preparation rooms for 3-D reconstructions and the assembly of models and dioramas