Prof. Dr. Johanna Eder

Flora and vegetation development in the Cenozoic

Research interests

The Cenozoic comprises the last 66 million years. It is the era of the angiosperms, in which the modern terrestrial ecosystems evolved. Interdependencies of flora, vegetation, fauna, palaeogeography, and climate drive the evolution of terrestrial ecosystems. Plants played essential roles in these processes.

Taxonomical studies of plant macro remains (macro and micro morphology) are the basis of my work to decipher the floristic composition of fossil assemblages of different age. Comparison with modern taxa and socioecological studies in combination with the results of other earth science disciplines allow for the reconstruction of former ecosystems.

The regional results are jigsaw pieces for large-scale reconstructions and modelling of the evolution of flora and vegetation of Eurasia. Within the frame of the museum´s Research framework my research is assigned to QT 2 Biodiversity patterns: species and their distribution and QT 4 Reconstructing fossil ecosystems.





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