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General rules

We consider the Science Blog of the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart (SMNS) to be an invitation to exchange ideas on scientific topics. We would be very happy about a lively dialogue in the comments. However, it is important to us that interaction takes place on a factual, polite and civil level. We therefore ask you to abide by our blog rules for a fair and respectful exchange:

  • During discussions, treat other readers as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Please keep the discussion on a factual level when exchanging views with each other.
  • Use a civil, friendly and polite tone, even if you disagree.
  • Always be tolerant and respect the opinions of others.
  • Please refrain from posting (this also applies to the contents of any external links):
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  • Respect intellectual property and refer to or link to the author or source when quoting.

If you believe that another participant in the discussion has violated any of these rules, please send an email to kontakt(at)smns-bw.de.

The dialogue within the Science Blog is moderated by the blog editors of the Natural History Museum Stuttgart. Comments on the blog are not posted immediately. Comments are first checked for compliance with the rules listed above and will be released if netiquette has been followed. If these rules are violated, we reserve the right not to publish the comments.

Data privacy

When entering comments, a name and a working email address must be provided. To post a comment, the privacy policy must be accepted. The email address will not be published, but must be a working email account. Commenters are free to register under a pseudonym (username). However, we would like to have an open discussion using real names. If you wish to have your comment deleted, please contact kontakt(at)smns-bw.de, referring to the comment in question.


The SMNS does not guarantee the validity and completeness of our contributions.

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