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Even if our museum is closed or you are far away – venture on a virtual walkabout through past special exhibitions or meet selected exhibits.

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Experience the elapsed!

Two years of intense preparations are required for a special exhibition, which is open for half a year – only to then become history. A crying shame, at least in our opinion. Hence, we offer virtual walkabouts through some of our recent great special exhibitions.

For „GIGANTIC in the sea“, the walkabout aditionally comprises an audio commentary by Dr. Stefan Merker, the exhibition’s scientific curator (in German).

video clips

Personal favorites, exquisite dioramas, thrilling topics – here, colleagues from education and research offer exclusive insights into selected realms of our exhibitions.

#MuseenEntdecken: the Giant Squid in the exhibition GIGANTIC in the sea
On occasion of the International Museum Day 2020, biologist Rieke Hohmann introduces one of the absolute giants of the animal kingdom: Architheutis dux, the Giant Squid! How does it differ from the Giant Octopus, and does it really grow up to 60 meters?

#MuseenEntdecken: the primeval mammal Thomasia antiqua
On occasion of the International Museum Day 2020, paleontologist Anne Schubert presents her favorite object in the permanent exhibition at the Museum am Löwentor: an early mammal that lived here, more than 200 million years ago, in the shadow of the Swabian Lindworm. What did it feed on, and was its fur really gray?