M.Sc. Vangelis Mizerakis

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Research interests





  • Avtzis, D. N., Markoudi, V., Mizerakis, V., Devalez, J., Nakas, G., Poulakakis, N., & Petanidou, T. (2021). The Aegean Archipelago as cradle: Divergence of the glaphyrid genus Pygopleurus and phylogeography of P. foina. Systematics and Biodiversity, 1-19. 


  • Tuni, C., Mizerakis, V. L., & Dingemanse, N. J. (2019). Experimental evidence that winning or losing a fight does not affect sperm quality in a field cricket. Ethology, 125(12), 885-889
  • Lazarina, M., Devalez, J., Neokosmidis, L., Sgardelis, S.P., Kallimanis, A.S., Tscheulin, T., Tsalkatis, P., Kourtidou, M., Mizerakis, V., Nakas, G., Palaiologou, P., Kalabokidis, K., Vujic, A., & Petanidou, T. (2019). Moderate fire severity is best for the diversity of most of the pollinator guilds in Mediterranean pine forests. Ecology, 100(3), e02615


  • Mizerakis, V., & Strachinis, I. (2017). new record of Tarentola mauritanica (squamata: Phyllodactylidae) from Lesvos island, Greece. Herpetology Notes, 10, 157-159


  •  Eidinger, S., Mizerakis, V., Moreira, G. L., Savic, D., Solagaistua, L., Lampou, A., Paunovic M., & Skoulikidis, N. (2016). Insights from stream ecological assessment on the Aegean island of Samothraki: aquatic chemistry and macroinvertebrate community. Sustainable Mediterranean, 39.
  • Lazarina M., Sgardelis S.P., Tscheulin T., Devalez J., Mizerakis V., Kallimanis A.S., Papakonstantinou S., Kyriazis T., & Petanidou, T. (2017). The effect of fire history in shaping diversity patterns of flower-visiting insects in post-fire Mediterranean pine forests. Biodiversity and Conservation, 26(1), 115-131.


Sep 2020- now

  • PhD candidate in Entomology - Research associate, Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History

Feb 2018- Sep 2020

Research Assistant at Chair of Aquatic Systems Biology, Technical University of Munich (Germany)

March 2017- Dec 2017

  • Research Assistant, Indobiosys (Indonesian Biodiversity Discovery and Information System) National research project, Bavarian State Collection of Zoology (ZSM), Munich (Germany)

Oct 2016-Sep 2019

  • Master of Science in Biology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany) Master Thesis: External morphological characters for separating genera of the subfamily Clerinae (Coleoptera, Cleridae)

Apr 2014–Sep 2015

  • Research Assistant, POL-AEGIS (The pollinators of the Aegean archipelago: Diversity and threats) National research project (Thales program, co-financed by the ESF), Biogeography and Ecology Laboratory, University of the Aegean, Lesvos (Greece)

Sep 2012–Apr 2013

  • Erasmus exchange program in Natural Resource Sciences, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Oct 2010–Mar 2016

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, University of the Aegean (Greece). Bachelor Thesis: Pygopleurus (Coleoptera: Glaphyridae) of the Aegean: From Morphology to Phylogeny

Awards & Honors

  • Lehre@LMU Research award funding for Student Research Project, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany)